A few days ago, TDK announced that they have developed the NAND
Flash Controller IC GBDriver series, which is ATA (SATA) II compatible.
2K/page & 4K/page SLC & MLC NAND Flash chips are supported.
There are two types of packages (120Pin TQFP & 140 VFBGA). It can
be used to produce high-speed storage devices such as SATA SSD or
DOM with hard drive size of 128MB ~ 64GB.
Please reference: http://www.tdk.co.jp/teaah01/aah29400.htm or call
this number: 02-23786701 #57 for more information.

Mitsumi released the smallest product in the industry - power-saving
ICs MM1558 for hand-held AC adapter secondary circuit. This product
features Standby Mode 5mW and lithium battery charge control ICs.
MM3204 is the solution that can meet customers' demand of
miniaturization and time-saving. To know more about it, please
contact our sales department.

For the input end, Rubycon developed the High ripple & Slim type high-
voltage products: the QXW, CXW, and TXW series, to meet the market
demand of thin, short, small, and high-performance terminal products
in 2009, while for the output-end, developed High ripple & L.ESR &
Long life products: ZLH, ZLG, and ZLJ. If customers are facing a
bottleneck in designing, Rubycon can customize new specifications to
meet customers' demands. To know more about this, please contact
our sales department.

TDK product launch: flash memory controller LSI (GBDriver RA8 Series).
This product is correspondent with U.DMA6.
Please reference: http://www.tdk.co.jp/tjaah01/aah72900.htm or call
this number: 02-23786701 #57 for more information.