1. Thin Chang considers talented manpower as the most important corporate
  assets. The goals Thin Chang has always been pursuing are to help every
  employee work safely and voluntarily do the best, to establish a common share
  of value, belief, knowledge and goals among the entire staff, and to strengthen
  the centripetal force of company.

2. With the cultivation belief of "enhance value, surpass oneself; grow reciprocally,
  achieve successfully," Thin Chang provides a complete training system and a
  good working environment for staff, which help employees accumulate necessary
  professional knowledge to make efficient performance, while devoting all efforts in
  hopes of cultivating well-qualified professionals with positiveness and innovative
  concepts. This way, with step-by-step self development, every employee can
  become an outstanding expert with professionalism and hands-on experiences of management.

3. Thin Chang's education training standard is "benchmark learning." With the open and tolerating breadth of mind,
  employees can heartily get the best experiences inside and outside the industry, learn to guide a common technical
  process, and learn the management experiences and product/service develop trends, so that what has been learned
  can be put into practice to achieve the strategic goal. And for all the different professional areas, through experienced
  and professional experts, the profound instruction and consulting for sales demands can be improved, therefore
  differences can be reduced and learning curve can be shortened.

4. Thin Chang uses "deep learning" to conduct training, to encourage employees developing secondary specialties and
  other potentials, and to accomplish their self achievement by linking up with employee welfare and care. Through the
  training mechanism, we help our fellow workers with self development in their professional fields, in order to improve
  work efficiency and activate positive competition to maximize corporate advantages.

1. In the aspect of encouragement, besides bonuses given according to the overall business performance and employees'
  individual contribution and achievement, Thin Chang also offers welfare and educational entertainment which are
  processed by the welfare committee employees belong.

2. In the aspect of welfare, besides National Health Insurance and Labor Insurance, there are also group insurance, annual
  health examination, 6% of labor pension additionally contributed to employees' personal account every month, and Thin
  Chang also offers  seasonal dinner parties, cash gifts for marriage, funeral, childbirth, Mid Autumn Festival, Dragon
  Boats Festival, birthday, annual year-end party, and so on, to provide employees physical and mental  relaxation and
  to boost working morale.

In order to create an enterprise of sustainable management, we have put a lot of efforts in the establishment of systems, expert cultivation, labor-capital relations, and social contributions. We sincerely welcome people of all kinds of talents and noble aspirations for electronic industry to join us, your advices from various circles of society are all highly appreciated as well.