Thin Chang Corporation was founded in 1988, with core businesses including selling Japanese electronic component products as an agent and the international purchasing for Japanese companies in Taiwan.

From selling acoustic components in the early days, to selling digital technology component products, during these 20 years, on the basis of honesty, pragmatism, service, and innovation, Thin Chang Corporation has provided all kinds of high-quality and trustworthy Japanese component products to the industry circles.

At the same time, Thin Chang Corporation has built up a tighter relationship with long-term partners on every link of research and development, manufacture, and product sale.

In 2007, Thin Chang Corporation further cooperated with TDK Corporation Japan, founding a joint venture company CoreSolid Storage Corporation to research on, develop, and manufacture flash memory storage hard drives.

While the 20th anniversary of the company is coming up, Thin Chang Corporation should thank its loyal customers more for the support all the way in these 20 years. Thin Chang Corporation wouldn’t be here today without your support.

In the future, under the premise of environment-friendly and energy-saving industry, the company is expected to be integrated with long-term partners from Japan, to cooperate on and develop more environment-friendly and energy-saving products and components, in order to further provide industry circles and customers more diversified services.

Chual-Hsin Teng. CEO, Thin Chang Corporation