Founding Date  1988-06-16
 No. of Employees  About 40
 Capital  NT$ 80,000,000
 Owner/Manager  Chual-Hsin Teng
 Company Address  6F-6, No.51, Sec. 2, Keelung Rd., Sinyi Dist., Taipei City (110), Taiwan, R.O.C.
 Telephone  02-23786701
 Fax  02-27372243
 Products  1. Agent of the Rubycon Corporation Japan -- Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors, Film
   Capacitors, PC-CON, and PML
 2. Agent of the Mitsumi Electric Co., LTD. Japan – IC, Coil (Power Inductor), Switch,
   Connector Pick-Up Head, Bluetooth Module, Wireless LAN Module, FDD, and CD-Rom
 3. International Purchasing Office of the Japanese company "TDK Corporation" -- Projector
   Ballast and Standard Power Supply.
 4. Agent of the TDK Corporation Japan -- GBDriver (Flash Memory Controller).
 5. Agent of NEC Lighting, Ltd. Japan -- Projector Lamp & Ballast.
 Major Customers  AsusTek Computer Inc., Foxconn Electronics Inc., Quanta Computer Inc., Wistron
 Corporation, MiTAC International Corporation, TDK Corporation, Mitsumi Electric
 Co., LTD., etc.

Trust-A business integrity (continuity) company
  Nowadays, as the information environment changes with each passing day,
  maintaining a space which can be trusted by customers is not only the social
  responsibility of the technology (electronics) industry, but also the foundation on
  which Thin Chang was built. In order to gain customer’s complete trust, making
  a business integrity (continuity) plan, improving performances, and protecting
  customers’ right, have always been Thin Chang’s top priorities.

Enthusiasm-A company with friendly services
  Thin Chang’s most sincere service belief for customers is enthusiasm.
  Maintenance of good interpersonal relationship, efficient and convenient services,
  positive attitude, and keeping customers satisfied, are the concepts shared by all
  the employees of Thin Chang.

Innovation-A company in pursuit of excellence
  Going with social development, identifying social needs, and improving and
  enriching services, are the principles we have been following since Thin Chang
  was founded. Besides expediting the development of new businesses, we have
  always expected ourselves to challenge traditional conservative concepts and
  pursuit innovative and excellent performances, in both the outward appearances
  of hardware and the service quality of software.

One very important vision of Thin Chang is to develop multi-angle management. We expect ourselves to sensibly grab every business opportunity with potentials and efficiently put resources in the popular industries with developmental potentials in the future, in order to maintain Thin Chang’s abilities of achieving high growth and high profit.

Thin Chang knows the importance of the relationship among customers, suppliers, and employees. We have put a lot of efforts into providing high-quality care and services, in order to build a mutually beneficial relationship between our employees and customers. As a globally handpicked agent in the IT industry, we can help your enterprise to achieve good quality and improve your efficiency instantly.