June, 1988  The company was founded and registered in Jhonghe City, Taipei County. At the same time, an
 office was established in Shulin City, Taipei County. In the early days, the main business was
 manufacturing and selling connectors.
 November, 1988  Sanyo Singapore became our first customer.
 1989  Our office was moved to Xinzhuang City, Taipei County.
 1989  Signed a contract with Acoustics Department of Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. from Osaka, Japan, for
 handling their repair and maintenance services in Taiwan.
 June, 1989  Dealership from the Rubycon was built to sell their electrolysis and capacitance related products.
 1990  Signed a dealership contract was with Mitsumi Japan for the sale of their floppy drives in the very
 1991  Our office was moved to the address of 8F, No.107, Sec. 2, Keelung Rd., Taipei City. And a
 warehouse for shipping on Wusing Street was purchased.
 1994  In order to expand our business scope, we moved into a newly-purchased office at the address
 of 6F-6, No.51, Sec. 2, Keelung Rd., Taipei City.
 1996  Signed a dealership contract with TDK Japan for IPO business. Officially, we stepped into the
 business of purchasing internet related hardware.
 1997  Signed a dealership contract with Mitsumi Japan for the sale of semi-conductor analog IC.
 1999  Obtained the dealership for the sale of TDK Japan’s flash memory controller IC and the purchase
 1999  Achieved over 40% market share of electrolytic capacitors and related products in power supply and
    motherboard fields.
 2000  The annual sales volume of floppy drives for laptops we’d been selling for Mitsumi Japan as an
 agent was over 4,200,000.
 2000  Obtained the dealership for the sale of optical storage PickUp HEAD from MITSUMI Japan.
 2000  Obtained the dealership as OEM and ODM of TDK Japan.
 2002  Obtained the dealership for the sale of the illuminant LAMP for projectors from NEC Japan.

 The sales of Rubycon distributed products jumped to a record high. We became the major supplier

    for major domestic motherboard and power supply manufacturers, also, the first choice of material 

    supplier for Dell, HP, and Intel.


 Rubycon launched a new product pc-con (solid capacitor), which is different from traditional

    electrolysis and capacitance related products, providing customers more high-performance product



 Rubycon merged the solid capacitor department of a subsidiary company of Carlit. Therefore, the

    production capacity was increased, and the product range was expanded to the laptop market for

    the first time.


 Rubycon set foot in the game console market. Our products are appointed by companies including

    Nitendo, Sony, and Microsoft. Thin Chang had reached omnibearing by being used in the interfaces

    of all their products.


 Because LCD TV related power products require higher quality, major global brands including Sony,

    Sharp, Samsung, LG, Panasonic, etc. all designate products from the licensed brand Rubycon.

 2007  Founded CoreSolid Storage Corporation together with TDK Japan, stepping into the area of SSD
 of PC and industry memory module.
 2008  The licensed brand Rubycon developed thin capacitors with a capacitance technology from flash
 lights, to meet the market demand of thin, short, small, and high-performance terminal products.
 The competitiveness of design in the market was formed, and our products were recognized and
 used by many major manufacturers from different countries.
 2009  In order to expand the Chinese market and improve local services, new offices were established
 in east and south China regions.